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Pre Primary - Curriculum
Education at Apeejay is an integrated process with a flexible curriculum that takes into account the heterogeneity of the learner and learning styles. Emphasis is laid on acquiring linguistic & logical ability and nurturing multiple intelligences by adopting innovative methods to stimulate interest and attention among the students. This opens up pathways to a holistic and harmonious development of the young learners The Pre-Primary Wing of F DLIS School, Sirhind has Nursery and Kindergarten classes. ‘The innovative curriculum for the Pre-Primary’ published by Next Education is in use with the objective of reinforcing values, concepts, ideas, skills and activities. We follow the schedule and programmes with a fair amount of flexibility. Changes are made from time to time as demanded by the environment and the emerging situations in the classroom. The students are graded regularly on the basis of participation and performance in class activities. Areas of growth and development: Physical, Language, Personal, Emotional, Social, Intellectual/ Cognitive, Aesthetic Development, etc.

The following subjects are taught:
1. English
Alphabets (A–Z) are introduced for the sake of recognition of letters and correct pronunciation (phonetically). In Class KG, the children are introduced to two and three letter words, their pronunciation and written representation. Numbers Develops child’s ability to recognise and write basic numbers (1 – 9). In KG numbers are added (1 – 100). The concept of big/small, more/less, etc. with a clear perspective of shapes is taken up.
2. EVS
Awareness about environment and child’s perspective towards Self, School, Family, Cleanliness, Manners, Birds, Animals, Water, Our Helpers, Seasons, etc. Hindi From Class KG onwards: Begins with recognition of letters, pronunciation and use in the form of simple words and sentences.
3. Art & Craft
Art & Craft covers a creative and wonderful world of colors.

Nursery Class
4.Art & Craft

KG Class
5.Art & Craft
6. Punjabi

Activity Based:
Child-friendly activities Creative Art & Craft activities
Use of puppetry to conduct classes
Songs, Rhymes
Outdoor activities: Games, swings, Ball Pool
Stage activities:  Dancing, Enacting, Rhymes, Skits

We equip students with the following skills and design our activities to promote them:
Classification skills
Conversational skills
Drawing conclusion
Identifying patterns
Motor skills
Social behaviour
Observation and recognition skills
Observing and relating skills
Ordering and sequencing
Sorting and classifying
Thinking skills
Understanding concepts
Vocabulary enhancement

Education is knowledge imbued with wisdom and ethics which mould the behaviour and personality of the students. The focus on value education still remains strong in school. The students imbibe the essential qualities of honesty, fair play, empathy, courage, integrity, compassion, loyalty and courtesy through morning assemblies, celebration of festivals and day-to-day interaction with the teachers. The effort is to guide the students towards appropriate behaviour and development of a strong character. The major strategies are as under: Importance of values are kept in mind while preparing and designing lessons. Day begins with morning assembly – where prayers, rhymes, exercises and celebration of special days are conducted. Moving on to the daily snacks time where cleanliness, hygiene and manners are focused. The story time at the end of the day has a moral for each story that is told.
On the basis of individual growth and development of the child. This covers the psychological, physical and emotional growth of each child.

Middle -school curriculum-

Teachers are using a wide range of methods to promote interaction during regular class periods. These methods include traditional textbook method supplemented by discussions and practical work. Experimentation and lecture methods are mainly adopted for teaching General Science. Social Science periods are made interesting by making use of project work and frequent use of timeline to correlate events. Language periods are blended with group discussions, etc.

The strategy of brain storming is particularly applied for students of classes VI-VIII, who are bright and above average.

To facilitate learning, Science & Social Science workshops, activities in Debate Club, UNO Club and international understanding quizzes are organised.

This includes holistic development of the students such as mental, physical, emotional & psychic and spiritual, as also developing scientific temperament amongst studies, etc.

Every institution has an ideology which is the building block of its system. The motto of School is ‘Soaring High is My Nature’ which means every student aims to become:
Progressive by nature
Strides towards perfection
Always aims high
Tries to achieve his aims by honesty and integrity

Exams are a built-in tool to test the knowledge assimilated by a child. While examining a question paper, the following criteria are considered: Understanding, Knowledge and Application. Continuous comprehensive evaluation is done in classes VI to VIII

Senior School - Curriculum
The Curriculum is designed so as to strive to:
Provide ample scope for physical, intellectual and social development of students.
Enlist general and specific teaching and assessment objectives.
Uphold Constitutional values such as socialism, secularism, democracy, republican character, justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, human dignity and the unity and integrity of the nation by encouraging values-based learning activities. Nurture life-skills by prescribing curricular and co-curricular activities to help improve self-esteem, empathy towards others and different cultures, etc. Integrate innovations in pedagogy, knowledge and application, such as human sciences with technological innovations to keep pace with the global trends in various disciplines. Promote inclusive education by providing equal opportunities to all students.
Integrate environmental education in various disciplines, for classes I-XII.
Equally emphasise co-scholastic areas of Art Education and Health & Physical Education.

The Curriculum aims to:
- Achieve cognitive, affective and psychomotor excellence.
- Enhance self-awareness and explore innate potential.
- Promote Life Skills’ goal setting, decision making and lifelong learning.
- Inculcate values & foster cultural learning and international understanding in an interdependent society.
- Acquire the ability to utilise technology and information for the betterment of humankind.
- Strengthen knowledge and attitude related to livelihood skills.
- Develop the ability to appreciate art and showcase talents.
- Promote physical fitness, health and well-being.
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